Space Planning: 2D and 3D Modeling

The key to success when designing a room is achieving balance; an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements through the proper distribution of the elements of design (colors, shapes, textures, etc.). The lack of balance will disrupt the harmony in the room and, in other words, you will get a “restless feeling” or “something is wrong with this room.”

Many architectural designs include open spaces and unconventional room shapes. Achieving a harmonious design in livingrooms or family rooms with cathedral ceilings could be very challenging, if not designed properly.

If you are thinking about finishing your basement, starting with a concept design model will save you money and stress. You will discover the potential of your own space!

Professional 2D and 3D modeling will allow you to achieve a pleasant interior design that fits your lifestyle. It will provide you not only with the visualization of the décor and the space utilization in your own home, but it will help you to avoid expensive mistakes.

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