Professional Paint Color Consultation

Color is the most flexible tool in the armory of design and has unlimited uses and applications.

Whatever budget you are working with, color can be used to create the most dramatic effects and transform an interior instantly.

A fresh coat of paint is the fastest way to renew a room. However, it has to be the right color. 

What are the right colors for you?  The colors that are pleasant to you. You can define the right mood in a room through colors. In order to achieve a harmonious décor, a well balanced color scheme is critical. Even if you are working with expensive marbles and lustrous fabrics, if the colors are wrong, the entire effect can still appear cheap and garish

We can make the paint color selection for your home a great experience and lots of fun.

If you are looking for a designer, who is easy to work with, works within your budget, decorates around your lifestyle, expands upon your ideas and makes decorating a fun experience, you will love working with Amelia Vallone.  Her mission and goal is to

“Make the world more beautiful, one room at a time.”

If you like to hear the story of the orange ceiling and learn about color trends, sign up for our next color event!

How we work

Many variables determine the way we perceive a paint color in a space, such as the nature of natural light (compass orientation, vegetation, etc.) and the source of artificial light (incandescent, halogen, LED, etc.). For this reason the paint color consultation is performed in two appointments. During the first appointment we pre-select colors from the ample Benjamin Moore Collection deck. During the second appointment I will display the color boards (18″ x 24″) on the walls and we will evaluate their performance with your own light. I prepare the boards with real paint because we need to understand how the pigments and tints perform  under your own light. You will receive  a final report with the paint schedule (paint color, type and finish) to share with your painter.

Package 1:   Professional paint color consultation (3 hours of design consultation in two visits to your home), including three painted color boards (18″ x 24″) and two color trims. This package would generally cover one of the main rooms of your house, such as a living room/dining area.
Package 2:   Professional paint color consultation for the entire house (8 hours of design consultation in three visits to your home), including 12 color boards (18″ x 24″) and 3 color trims.
If you like to learn more about color trends, color psychology and color tips, please join us for the next color event!

Fresh new paint colors can be a wonderful change anytime of the year. This delightful and enjoyable experience can be YOURS! So, what are you waiting for?

Call today to schedule your Paint Color Consultation!