Amelia at the White House

In 2018 Amelia had the honor of being selected as a greeter for the Holiday Open House at the White House.



Amelia was greeting people as they left the White House Tour in front of the Steinway grand piano presented in 1938 to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by Mr. Theodore Steinway, on behalf of the Steinway family. Dunbar Beck, a muralist, executed the gold leaf decoration representing “five musical forms indigenous of America.” Albert Stewart, a sculptor, executed the three gilded mahogany legs carved as American eagles.




Amelia at the Grand Foyer and Cross Hall.




Amelia at the East Colonnade by the red berry line of trees.




Amelia in front of the fireplace  of the East Room. The mantel pieces represent the diversity of American Architecture. Since 1800 the East Room has served as the primary entertainment room.