Like every May, the rhododendrons are at their peak. The spring continues its course with its symbol of energy.  As I am writing this newsletter, I am listening to one of my favorite waltzes. Usually when I design I listen to Bach or Chopin, instead, this spring I often have found myself listening to waltzes. Like colors, music creates moods and is linked to our memories and experiences. I grew up listening to waltzes and learned how to dance it at the age of four. Before a holiday, my father would start the celebration with a waltz. He used to say: ”let’s start the holiday with joyful music.” It was energizing for him and he wanted us to feel the same way. I realized that in the back of my mind, my memories from childhood were boosting my inner strength. While you  read this newsletter, I invite you to listen to the most joyful waltz composed by Johan Strauss: “Voices of the spring.”

Music and color have something in common -they both impact our moods. As we are spending long hours at home, it is important to avoid monotony in the decor. We can bring the energy of the waltz to our homes by adding the right accent colors in the right places. Then we can waltz all day long. Let’s see how!

Add an accent in a vibrant color such as red

Red is the most powerful color in the spectrum and it is a great accent color, in particular in palettes with black, grey and neutrals. It creates excitement, courage and power. It  symbolizes leadership and action.  The red carpet has always been the symbol of royalty and creates a grand atmosphere. It is the color of fire and passion, and it is associated with love, sexuality and desire. As the hottest color of the spectrum, a red accent can transform any room. Adding an art piece with some red in the family room would bring energy to your mood.

Then introduce some rhythm in the room by pairing it with some fruit. A pedestal silver platter with some pomegranates would create a beautiful  accent on the counter top. My favorite treat is a glass of champagne with brie cheese and raspberries. You can use details like these to create your grand atmosphere!

Window Treatments

One small adjustment to your windows can transform the room from floor to ceiling. The right window treatment can make your space feel more refreshed and cheerful. Sheers can add a touch of elegance without looking too bulky.

Roman shades are a great resource to add pattern and color on walls where space is limited. Or perhaps you may prefer a top treatment in a fabric with a print harmonious with the color scheme of the room.  It is that custom detail that would make it unique to your home. In our next event, we will be exploring the world of dressing up your windows. See you then!

Next Virtual Event: 

Window Treatment Trends: Where Elegance and Functionality meet

Please join us for our second virtual event on Friday, May 22 at noon EDT, the second in the series, “Stay-at-Home Spring 2020” presented by Amelia Vallone Interiors via Zoom meetings. The events are free of charge.

There are more trends in window treatments and design than you might think. Are you thinking about draperies, Roman shades, top treatments or shutters? Well, we will be talking about all of them and many more types. Hopefully, this will spark an idea or two to make your custom window treatments more exciting!

A Q&A session will follow the presentation. See you then!

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By  Amelia Logan

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